Discipleship Program

YGen offers personal discipleship for those who are in need and also are hungry to change their lifestyle. From learning about personal growth, ministry experience, to learning how to lead the next generation, we want to teach young adults how to live every day as a follower of Christ in every aspect of their lives. Each person is assigned a mentor to learn from and to walk through life with according to their personal needs. Through this, we believe we can begin to change the lives of generation "Y". During this Program, the LIT will be going through 3 phases:


Phase 1

During our first phase, YGen staff will guide the LIT through books that will help develop the individual’s discipleship lifestyle. Mentors can add more books depending on the individual's needs. During the year, LITs will be given the opportunity to have ministry experience by planning events, working with a team, and delegating work(attending all events). LIT’s are also responsible to attend one bible study during the course of the year (1st & 2nd semesters of bible study).

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Phase 2

After the first year of discipleship, the LIT will be given an opportunity to use the tools that he/she were given through teaching one of the bible studies we have within our program. During this time, one of the mentors will evaluate the LIT’s progress and walk through the teaching process with the individual as they gain confidence, faith, and endurance teaching a bible study.

Phase 2 does not have a set time for the LITs to finish by. They will be evaluated on their growth and accommodated to as an individual. This phase is not to make everyone become teachers. We understand that everyone has different gifts and passions; however, the Great Commission does require for a Disciple to lead and create new disciples. Due to this calling, we believe that everyone should have some training in teaching. On contrary, as the LIT grows we want to see what they are passionate about and have giftings for. Through this process, we can flow into our next Phase.

Phase 3

The last phase brings us a short journey in the plans God has for us. During this phase, the staff wants to find a way for the LIT to elevate either in YGen or in their own ministry. There are four areas we want to encourage during this phase:

  1. Serving your local church - We always will encourage LITs to be connected to the local church of their choice. Once they have gone through our program, the LIT will be encouraged to go back to their local church and start serving in a Kingdom cultured Spirit lead, and influential way.

  2. Creating a new ministry - YGen wants to support their family by becoming a foundation or platform for the LIT to build their calling out. Callings are not restricted to the walls of the church and the LIT and staff will go through a journey of developing their own ministry.

  3. Becoming Staff - We are always looking for people to serve. What better way than to build up a leader we can serve and share our ministry with?

  4. Missions - YGen wants to also provide opportunities to go outreach through missions short and long.