Our Vision

YGen’s vision is to create leaders of leaders through personalized transformational discipleship targeting young adults, starting here in Phoenix, Arizona. According to Lifeway Research and USA Today, 70 - 75 percent of Christian youth leave the church after graduating high school. YGen sees the need to guide the transition from being a youth to becoming young adults. We believe one of the most effective way of pursuing discipleship is walking through life together. When looking in the Gospels, Jesus taught the disciples while they lived life together. YGen offers personal discipleship for those who are in need and also are hungry to change their lifestyles. From learning about personal growth, ministry experience, to learning how to lead the next generation, we want to teach generation “Y” how to live every day as a follower of Christ in every aspect of their lives. Each person is assigned a mentor to learn from and to walk through life with according to their personal needs. Through this, we believe we can begin to change the culture of generation "Y".